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Senior Sign has effectively given back 2 hours of the day to our sales teams. Time that was previously spent preparing, filling out, and coordinating the move in process. All while still fostering a trustworthy relationship with our new families.

Nick Jasmon customer testimonial photo

Nick Jasmon

Vice President of Business Development

American Healthcare Management Group

8 Senior Living Communities

A little over a year ago, my Sales Team said – we need to speed up the move-in process, why can’t prospects do their paperwork online? Enter Senior Sign. The team at Senior Sign took our 80+ page new resident paperwork packet and created our online documents so that we had our first 'Senior Signer' within a month. Our Move-In Coordinator went from spending hours making copies, sending out new resident notebooks and chasing paperwork to simply sending out a link and being able to track where the client is in the process. Closings are now a breeze because we know the paperwork is complete before the new resident arrives. All of the copying, scanning and bulky files have been eliminated; adding resident files to PCC is as easy as copy and paste.

We couldn’t be happier with Senior Sign. The customer service has been outstanding – always quick with an answer and a solution.

Lee Meredith customer referral image

Lee Meredith

Strategic Communications and Marketing Director

Friendship Village of Dublin

Life Plan Community

Senior Sign has made the move-in process more efficient, and ultimately given critical time back to our sales and operations teams.

Thomas Cloutier testimonial photo

Thomas Cloutier

CMO | Chief Marketing Officer

Arete Living

24 Senior Living Communities

I first learned of Senior Sign at a time when I was struggling to maintain residency agreements and application packets for 6 programs in our community. Each program director would request specific forms to be included or excluded in their respective packets. Every change, be it a sentence, paragraph or page could require a full re-working of the document. It could mean changing page number references throughout the document or  re-aligning spacing and pay layout. Once completed we would have to reprint any preprinted packets. As a result, our forms were a mess and did not look very professional!

Senior Sign offered us a solution which has proven to be well worth the investment. First, they helped us organize all the individual documents and created program-specific packets. Then, they converted them into a document a prospect can complete online. We can easily add or remove  documents to their packets, and this is especially handy when someone transfers between programs. They have been very responsive when we find areas needing tweaking and seem genuinely appreciative of our abundant feedback!

I’m grateful to be able to focus my attention to meeting the needs of prospects and less time trying to manage the paperwork!

Judy Given Headshot

Judy Given

Director of Campus Development

Abe's Garden Community

Senior Living Community

Senior Sign took on the task of converting all forms to electronic versions. The staff are very attentive and easy to work with. They shortened the closing process, allowed for remote signing, eliminated the need to store contracts in file cabinets. Do it! You'll love what it means for you, your staff, and your prospects. And, it's another way to have a positive impact on the environment.

Jill Lubar headshot.

Jill Lubar

Regional Marketing & Sales Director

LCS | LifeCare Services

126 Life Plan and Senior Living Communities

The biggest problem I had was when new residents would move in, it was too much for the resident to move in and get paperwork completed in the same day.  Or the POA lived out of town and was not present the day of move in to sign paperwork.  I would have to scan and email long documents or mail and wait for the documents to come back to me.  This would delay the completion of the paperwork.  In some cases like assisted living these documents and consents are time sensitive.   The other issue I had was, the time it took for me… Making copies of the documents, preparing them with the general information specific to each residents, scanning  the documents on the copier and upload them to our EMR.  I had lots of wasted paper copies.

It is so easy to send documents for completion, it takes me less than 5 minutes.  I can get all the needed paperwork complete prior to the resident arriving.  Then I am able to focus on helping the new resident get settled in their new home.  I save a lot of money with regards to paper, ink, postage, and my time.

Senior Sign is such a wonderful company to work with.  It is a small family feel company. I feel like I know Neil personally, he is always responsive to my needs. It is an ongoing relationship, they have updated some of our agreements and added some as we have made changes.  Some of the other companies I work with, I am just a customer a “trouble ticket” is created.   Neil knows senior living and the program has anticipated my needs and work function.  Last year they made some significant updates that have made a great system even better.   

I have been approached by other electronic signature systems, and I don’t even entertain the idea of switching companies based on the high quality customer service, personal attention and specific knowledge of senior living.

Melissa Lahay Headshot

Melissa Lahay

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Christian Living Communities | Cappella Senior Living

12 Senior Living Communities

If you aren't using Senior Sign, you're losing money on labor hours. Your sales team should be focused on generating leads and executing sales, not administrative documentation.

Matt Winningham Headshot

Matt Winningham

SVP of Asset Management and Development

Retirement Unlimited, Inc.

24 Senior Living Communities

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