Paperless Move-In Platform for Senior Living

Eliminate the pains of your move-in paperwork with our
paperless platform developed specifically for senior living.

With Senior Sign eSign for independent living residents can enjoy their move-in packet experience.
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Paperwork stinks!

Stop wasting time using e-signature software that isn't designed with senior living in mind.

As the only move-in management software built specifically for senior and assisted living communities, Senior Sign is a solution you didn't even know you needed.

How it works:

  • We start by digitizing your move-in paperwork - everything from auto filling documents to electronic signatures and easy attachments.
  • Next, we'll layer on compliance tracking and progress reporting to help validate all of the hard work you've done.
  • Then we'll add tools to alleviate the collection of physician orders and medication lists (that's right...electronic fax).
  • Finally, we'll link everything together with software you're already using to create a seamless workflow.
More About Workflow

More people. Less paper.

Keep the compassion and give us the paperwork.

Your job requires empathy and understanding for families dealing with difficult decisions and emotional life changes. That’s something software can’t do. So, keep the compassion and let Senior Sign handle the move-in paperwork.

More Benefits
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"I like it, but my boss will never go for it."
3-Year Senior Sign Customer
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designed with seniors in mind

Senior-friendly technology built around an easy-to-use web tool.

We’ve taken a senior-first approach to our software. Everything from menu options to font sizes has been considered and optimized. Pair that with our on-screen help and real-time collaboration tools and Senior Sign might just be the easiest software you and your new senior living and assisted living residents will ever use.

More Resident Benefits

Peace of Mind

Be confident in your compliance.

An audit from your corporate office or the state is never any fun. Missed signatures and incomplete senior living documents are major concerns. With Senior Sign’s automatic reminders, real-time collaboration tools, compliance tracker, and on-screen audit trails, you can rest easy.

More on Compliance
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