Behind a product this great, you'll find an even better team.

Our mission is to simplify technology for the complexities of aging. So, we take a "Senior First" approach to every company decision.

The Senior Sign Team

Jared Hancock Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Jared Hancock


Neil Krauss Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Neil Krauss


Erin Cowles Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Erin Cowles

Director of Operations

Kaden McKenzie Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Kaden McKenzie

Director of Sales

Angel Van Horn Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Angel Van Horn

Customer Success Manager

Mikah Meyer Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Mikah Meyer

Marketing Manager

Jeren Stevenson Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Jeren Stevenson

Business Development Rep

Brittany Asay Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Brittany Asay

Customer Success Rep

Braedon Alldredge Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Braedon Alldredge

Business Development Rep

Chris Abadilla Headshot and LinkedIn Profile
Chris Abadilla

Front-End Developer

“The staff are amazing and the program has helped our community and families.”
3-Year Senior Sign Customer

The Senior Sign Origin Story

“Could you please find a solution to bring our move-in process to the 21st century?” This one question from a Sales and Marketing Manager was the birth of our company.  Neil, our founder and visionary, laughed, surely someone had solved a problem this big. Hours and multiple searches later, he realized that if she was going to get a solution, he was going to have to build it…so he did.

Years and countless happy customers later, we ask ourselves one questions before we do anything – “Does this help the community provide the best experience for the resident?” We are your partner in improving the experience for every resident.

Neil says it best, “We’re passionate about solving real problems for real people. That's what Senior Sign is all about.”

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