Don’t Push Your Luck | 4 Risks of Not Having a Digital Process for Your Senior Living Community

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Jared Hancock

Even on March 17th, with a four leaf clover in hand, there will be no convincing us that the “luck of the Irish” is enough to protect you from all the risks surrounding a lack of digital processes. In the fast-paced world we live in, having a digital process is no longer optional but necessary. Senior living communities, in particular, must embrace digital solutions to prevent risk and increase security for sensitive documents. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the potential risks involved with not having a digital process for documents.

1. Human Error: Lost Documents, Accidental Deletion, Loss of Data, Missed Signatures, etc.

One of the biggest risks of relying on paper for sensitive documents is the insufficiency of a standardized protocol and procedure to ensure the security of information. It is far too easy to misplace a document, ignore a critical sign-off, or bend the rules to fit a situation when paper is uniting multiple parties. One might say the trust is “paper thin”... (sorry). This weakness has been examined in the news recently with “President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump retaining classified material in unsecured, unauthorized locations.” In Beth Sanner’s CNN piece, “Opinion: Mr. President, it’s time to go digital,” the author highlights the challenges the White House faces in managing and storing classified documents. 

Like the government, senior living communities work everyday with the sensitive information, and it’s only a matter of time before mistakes are made that are costly and nearly impossible to recover from.

2. Legal Consequences

*Gulp* Litigation is challenging, time-consuming, expensive, emotional, and uncertain. Not having a digital backup for important documents can have substantial legal and financial consequences. For example, if you lose important financial documents, such as tax records, you could face penalties or fines. Similarly, if you lose important legal documents, such as contracts or agreements, you could face legal action. Having a digital system can confirm that you have access to important documents when you need them, because not having them can be a matter of life and death for a business. 

In one such instance, a clinical health provider relied on a paper process to gather arbitration agreements. Once the agreement was signed the front office staff was responsible for scanning and adding the document to the digital file. Unfortunately, with a relatively new (and constantly rotating) front office staff, this final step was missed. Fast forward a couple months, and this clinic is in the middle of a costly legal battle because the agreement (physical or digital) cannot be found. Had this clinic initiated all critical documents on a digital platform tied to that specific patient, the nightmare they are dealing with now would never have occurred. 

3. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike at any time, and they can cause significant damage to your computer, hard drives, and physical documents. Whether it's a flood, fire, or earthquake, having reinforcements can help ensure that your documents are safe in the event of a natural disaster. If your computer is damaged and your filing cabinets are destroyed, you can still access your important documents through cloud backup with a digital reserve.

4. Disorganization in a High Turnover Industry

Unfortunately, employee turnover is quite high in the senior living industry. The absence of efficient and standard practices can lead to confusion, missed opportunities, and a general sense of inconsistency in your organization. Digital processes give executives peace of mind that their processes will be secure whether the employee operating the system is experienced or not.

In conclusion, having a digital solution is similar to insurance in the way that it provides protection when everything goes awry. Whether you choose to store your backup online or offline, having a backup plan gives your business and residents a sense of composure knowing that your documents are safe and secure.

If you’re ready to do the ol’ “Irish Goodbye” from your paperwork move-in process – we can help you with that! Start your journey to safety by visiting

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