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Meet Mary McGee. Instead of telling you where she grew up and liked to eat for breakfast, I’ll let her resume do the introduction.

Mary McGee | Race Car, Motorcycle Racer

Notable Accomplishments:

  • First woman to race in a US MC/FIM sanctioned motorcycle race in the US
  • First woman to race Motocross in the US
  • First woman to Road Race motorcycles in the US
  • First woman to compete in international Motocross in the US
  • First woman to race the Baja 1000
  • First woman to race the Baja 500 solo

Start of Career: 1957

Last Race: 2012

There’s a lot of firsts on that list. Oh, and I forgot to mention; that she completed her last race at the age of 75. 

Mary started her career racing sports cars in 1957. After gaining a decent amount of success and respect from her peers, she was convinced to begin racing motorcycles in 1960 by racing icon Vasek Polak. By the end of 1963, Mary had done extremely well in motorcycle racing. So well, that little-known actor and racer Steve McQueen challenged her to get off the road and into the dirt. 

Accepting McQueen’s challenge, Mary started desert racing. In 1968 she competed in the Baja 1000, a grueling team race in the Baja Peninsula in California. Several years later, she continued on to race the Baja 500 alone. While she described it as one of the most difficult experiences of her racing career, she did extremely well. Seventeen two-men teams found themselves falling behind the first woman ever to race the Baja 500 solo. 

Mary then took a break from motorcycle racing. However, she couldn’t stay away for long. In 2000 she took up vintage motorcycle racing and continued to race until 2012. 

Now, you may be wondering why a company that does paperless move-in software for senior living is writing about Mary McGee. The answer is simple: Mary McGee is awesome, and she isn’t the only one. Senior living communities are full of people who have lived interesting and instructive lives. You don’t know how many pioneers are playing cards or mahjong in the game room. Residents have a whole life of experiences and lessons to share, but they often don’t get the chance to share with younger generations. 

By creating opportunities for residents to be a part of the culture and community outside of their senior living community, we do service to the surrounding community and provide a better experience for residents. You never know what the Mary McGees of the world could inspire in upcoming generations.

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