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Jared Hancock

In true Oprah Winfrey fashion, we’re spending the holiday season sharing some of our “Favorite Things” in the senior living tech space. We’re firm believers that when it comes to senior living, the technology and software you implement in your communities should be as niche as the industry itself. Therefore, here are seven companies that shine in senior living, and have been excellent to rub shoulders with the past couple of years!

The bread and butter of senior living marketing and sales is the CRM, and these three companies are great options for senior living because they report critical data, are quick to resolve issues, and are simple to integrate with other systems. 

WelcomeHome (CRM) - welcomehomesoftware.com

WelcomeHome’s mission is to provide the best CRM platform, tailor-made for the senior living operator to help sales and marketing teams achieve higher conversion rates and better community economics. Overall, their goal is to make Sales Directors and their management teams say “WelcomeHome makes my job easier.” With their intuitive user interface, recommendation engine, and clear workflows, WelcomeHome is a game changer for both users in the community and owner/operators. Some WelcomeHome benefits include: intuitive design, automated workflows, auto-responders, templates, automatic activity capture, structured data, and their mobile app. 

Enquire (CRM) - enquiresolutions.com

Enquire is a CRM, marketing automation platform and contact center solution for senior living, post-acute and healthcare organizations. Enquire boosts your organization’s ability to identify leads, capture referrals, convert sales and engage patients and clients. Additionally, Enquire helps your organization gain insight into the performance of your facilities through their customized reporting and business intelligence solution.

Sherpa (CRM) - sherpacrm.com

Sherpa’s goal is to lead the industry forward, toward a sales process that aligns strategic, operational and human objectives while improving sales performance. They do this by building a total Sales Enablement Platform around the simple idea that senior living should not be sold like any other product. Sherpa’s technology offers advanced reporting and analytics, in addition to comprehensive sales training and e-learning. In recent news, Sherpa, Enquire, and Glennis Solutions will be joining forces to create a market-leading senior living software platform. 

Roobrik - roobrik.com

Roobrik Insight Solutions is helping providers reach the next generation of older adults through a great software that helps to capture and sort leads on your website through surveys and quizzes. When prospects share their personalized insight reports, sales can connect faster, build trust, and move prospects forward. Roobrik helps clients ask the right questions making the surveys/quizzes feel friendly and customized. Easily integrating into your website, each tool is designed to engage anonymous web visitors and empower them to move forward.

Additionally, Roobrik’s second software goal is to give personalized answers. Every time someone uses the insight tool, the platform generates a custom insight report (a first-person narrative packed with key information for the prospect and your sales team). Overall, Roobrik helps to activate the hidden market, motivate prospects who are actively shopping, and validate prospects who are ready to move. 

AccuShield - accushield.com

The Accushield sign-in and health screening kiosk was designed by Executive Directors to help senior living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare facilities know who is in their buildings, enabling the creation of a safer and healthier environment. Accushield’s tablet-based kiosk replaces the manual paper logbooks with a streamlined sign-in and health screening process for all visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents who enter and exit the building. Accushield’s benefits include: log and track agency staffing hours upon entry and exit, set daily contract log limits, easy collection and management of documents, monitor total agency staffing spend through hourly, daily, and monthly logs, and determine which service provider is currently in the building filling a shift. Accushield helps in powering front desk management and empowering healthcare. 

DreamScape - dreamscapemarketing.com

Dreamscape Marketing is a full service digital marketing solution, with a mission to deliver a high ROI for their clients by producing qualified leads to the ethical, elective medical community by leveraging their industry expertise and digital marketing strategies, relentless improvement and transparent communication. Dreamscape thrives on providing clients with creative, unique and results-oriented marketing campaigns via trackable, measurable, and repeatable marketing solutions. Dreamscape uses unique, leading-edge technology and proven methodology to stay ahead of variable marketing trends. Their methods increase lead generation, promote brand recognition, and enhance business development, while delivering critical data to executive-level decision makers to execute growth strategies. Dreamscape Marketing is strongly committed to helping you work toward your dreams, goals and marketing ROI. 

On January 25th and 26th, Senior Sign's founder (and CXO) Neil Krauss, will be joining DreamScape for “A.S.K. Day.” Register online at seniorlivingaskday.com to experience the best of both worlds!

Senior Sign

Shameless plug! Senior Sign plays the middle man between admissions and your community’s CRM. We’re far more than a e-signature. We standardize your move-in process with a senior living specific tool that is simple and easy to use. Senior Sign reduces administrative tasks, and gives your community a professional admission process. We find extreme importance in making sure our tool plays nice with other senior living software solutions to contribute to the common goal of making the technology in your communities slick! To learn more about all that Senior Sign has to offer visit the “Benefits & Features” tab above, or book a demo in the top right corner. 

Community is everything in the senior living industry, and these companies are working hard to improve and refine senior living processes! Let’s make 2023 the year that we all bring senior living into the 21st century, and utilize the tools that elevate our game. 

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